Like many Cheshire, MA locals, you probably don't pay much attention to your tires until their performance starts noticeably waning. What you may not know is that excess or insufficient air pressure can take a constant toll on your wallet. These things can also be incredibly unsafe. At Bedard Bros. Volvo Cars, we want to help drivers understand why maintaining proper tire pressure is a critical part of both safe and efficient driving.

You'll Pay More at the Pump

If you have a tire that's low on air, you're probably using far more gas than you were when all of your tires were properly balanced and filled. A flat, under-inflated tire is soft. More importantly, it connects with the road in a way that creates far more friction. This in turn makes vehicles work harder when moving. Keeping the right air pressure in your tires can make a noticeable difference in what you pay at the pump over time.

Your Tires Will Wear Down Faster

When tires are over-filled, nearly all of the pressure and weight that they bear is placed on a thin, central strip of their surfaces. The result is incredibly rapid wear and a significantly higher risk of experiencing a dangerous blowout. To have your tires professionally inspected, rotated, balanced, or replaced, come by Bedard Bros. Volvo Cars now.

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