Cheshire, MA is the kind of place where it pays to stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of ways to stand out, and one of them is by driving the right vehicle. Consider the popular luxury wagon, the Volvo V90, now available at Bedard Bros. Volvo Cars. The following are two features that we hope convince you to take one for a test drive.

Stop/Start Technology: This is a feature to warm your heart because you know that you are contributing less carbon emissions than before. This feature shuts off the engine when you stop at a light, and it resumes as soon as you press the pedal. It is a revolutionary piece of technology, and we think you're going to love it.

All-Wheel Drive: Driving with all-wheel drive improves the driver experience. It makes it easier to dominate the streets with true precision, and it also increases dependability. A vehicle with all-wheel drive can handle varying road conditions and give you a little more safety. There is nothing wrong with the perks linked to all-wheel drive, so go ahead and enjoy them.

Hopefully, the features are enough to get you interested in taking the V90 out for a test drive with us. Our Volvo sales representatives cannot wait to show you why Volvo keeps impressing us, especially with this new model.


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