Rear Parking in the Volvo S90

Backing up into a tight parking space has never been easier than it is in the new Volvo S90. Available at Bedard Bros. Volvo Cars, this popular luxury sedan standard features to make the parking process as easy as possible.

The first feature is a rear camera. It's located on the trunk lid and is connected to the infotainment screen up front. Whenever you put the S90 into reverse, the camera turns on to show you what's behind the car. Guidelines are added to give you a better idea of where the car will go. As you turn the steering wheel, the lines will move as well.

The Park Assist Rear feature is another great thing for drivers in Cheshire, MA to have. The system uses sensors mounted on the rear bumper. When in reverse, the audio system will produce a series of tones. As you get closer to an obstacle, those tones will get faster until they turn into one continuous sound.

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