One luxury wagon Bedard Bros. Volvo Cars is proud to have on the lot is the Volvo V90. It is a beauty to look at it, and it comes loaded with all sorts of safety features we know most customers would be interested in.

Increased Safety

The Volvo V90 has safety features you can explore online through our site; the following are just some of these:

Blind Spot Alert

Volvo developed BLIS, which is a system that allows the vehicle to detect if there are vehicles in your blind spot. Once the vehicle is detected, the system automatically flashes you with built-in lights at the front door posts as well as the door mirrors. This is a good way to keep everyone safe.


Driving through Cheshire, MA can be relatively safe, but that does not mean accidents don't happen. Volvo created the City Safety system that helps drivers by telling them they are getting too close to another vehicle. The system applies brakes automatically if it detects the driver is not slowing down.

Staying safe in a vehicle has gotten easier with the wagon, but we still invite you to come down and test drive the Volvo V90 to get the full experience.

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