Volvo S60 Safety Features Are Second to None

Volvo S60 meets all the requirements of a luxury compact sedan, which is why it remains so popular. Its safety features are what really impress us here at Bedard Bros. Volvo Cars.

Brake Pedal Release

In case of a head-on collision, the Volvo S60 brake pedal releases and moves down to the floor of the cabin. This reduces the risk of injury to your right leg or both of your legs when you're on the open highway or in Cheshire. The same system manages and deploys the airbags as well as the safety belt pre-tensioners.

Daytime Running Lights

The Volvo S60's daytime running lights include a twilight sensor that automatically activates the daytime running lights to make the vehicle more conspicuous. The same sensor automatically engages the low beams whenever you require them.

A test drive is the best way to enjoy all of the Volvo S60's safety features. Swing by our dealer today for more info.


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