The Volvo V60 has a reputation as a high-quality sport wagon that is attentive to the driver needs. Two features included in the V60 Momentum package show why this reputation is deserved.

Volvo’s oncoming lane mitigation is designed to prevent collisions. Wide-angle front cameras monitor the path in front of the driver, including lanes containing oncoming traffic. If the V60 senses the driver is drifting into a lane with an oncoming vehicle, it will automatically assist the Volvo driver back into his or her own lane. It will also provide a visual alert on the infotainment screen.

Volvo’s Park Assist is a convenient safety device for parking on urban streets in Cheshire, MA. Cameras monitor both the rear and front of the car, searching for approaching traffic. The driver will be given an audio warning if traffic is approaching. Our team at Bedard Bros. Volvo Cars encourages you to take a test drive to discover all the wonderful features contained in the V60 Momentum package.

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